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Rising Stars Junior Golf Coaching

LDgolf has a program for each child level and stage of development.
Rising Star School Programme

Rising Star School Programme

Rising Star Group Programme

Rising Star Group Programme

Junior Lessons One to One

Junior Lessons One to One

Golf Camps

Golf Camps

LDgolf has a program for each child level and stage of development.

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Rising star


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The development of grass roots golf is an integral part of what we do at LDgolf. In order for a player to move through the game a clear pathway must be in place.
- Liam Duggan

Introducing a child to the game of golf is one of the best gifts a parent can give. At first the game can be quite daunting and at LDgolf we understand the importance of the right introduction to the game.

Be it one to one tuition or in a group environment, we always focus on the same ideals:

  • Let the individual grow.
  • Learn the skills and develop the player.
  • Play, have fun and enjoy the game.

Junior Coaching Philosophy

LDgolf's Long Term Player development program, honed in over a decade of working in the area of junior golf development, offers a detailed structure that encompasses everything that is good about the game of golf including:

  • Motor skills - An introduction to the basic skills of the game including putting, chipping, pitching & full swing.
  • Life skills - We will take a deeper look at important life skills such as honestly, integrity and respect and their role in life as well as the game of golf.
  • Physical intelligence - LDgolf places an emphasis on the development of fundamental movement skills.
  • Emotional intelligence - Development of golf specific coping strategies that can be implemented in facing issues in everyday life.
  • Cognitive awareness - U guided discovery tasks to face and overcome specific golf related tasks.
  • Cross curricular activities - Incorporating age specific lesson plans that help target areas such as numeracy skills, spatial awareness ,etc.