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Rising Stars Group Programme

LDgolf, Rising Stars Group Programme

LD Golf's rising star programme is for boys & girls interested in exploring the game of golf.

This group coaching programme runs across three seasonal semesters have the perfect blend of fun, learning and on course play. This progressive programme is a visually based guided discovery programme will allow your young golfer to look at the game in a whole new light-using a range of media & cutting edge technology to learn the game.

Ipads in each group to give instant visual feedback and communicate new ideas & swing thoughts.
Foresight GC2 simulation software- For fun skilled based games to challenge even the best of players.
Golf Sense Swing analyser- Used to help understand why the golf balls flies the way it does & how to hit the golf ball straighter & further.
K-VEST- Learn the correct feeling of the swing through feel, audio and visual cues

As well as looking at just the technical swing we will adhere to our holistic approach to the game.

We will take a more in-depth look at:

The history of the game of golf.
Golf specific fitness: Helping to grow the athlete not just the golfer.
Rules, etiquette & how to compete.

Our three semesters learn, grow & play run from September to June in line with the school year. Each class and group will be age specific with limited numbers in groups to ensure a lower pupil to coach ratio.

On contact with LDgolf we can further advise you as to which group will suit your child's age and current level.

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