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LDgolf - Aspire Performance Programme

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If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. - Thomas Edison

Aspire performance is elite level programme encompassing each aspect of optimum performance in order to help athletes achieve maximum results. it is targeted at the player who is committed to bringing their game to the next level. If you are:

Ready to become the player you want to be.
Committed to improve.
Looking for that extra 1%.
Then aspire performance is for you.

The programme runs over a six month period from with our range of experts providing a range of specialised developmental training to help you achieve results.:

6 months golf swing analysis & development, shot making and swing development.
Club & ball fitting: ensuring ones equipment is suitable and matches their technical swing.
Mental and emotional performance training.
Course management assessment.
K-VEST efficiency screening.
6 Months Golf Specific Fitness Training.
Titleist Performance Institute's Functional Movement Screen.
A Suite of Strength & Physiological Assessments to track progress.
Personalized Fitness Program every 6 weeks.
Dietary Analysis and Advice.
Maintenance Program to follow over summer months during competition.

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