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LDgolf - Aspire Junior Programme

LDgolf Aspire Junior Programme

LDgolf's aspire junior programme is for the junior golfer looking to push their game to the next level and achieve optimal performance. For a golfer to play their best, there are a number of key areas to be looked at:

Physical conditioning.
Instruction & technical development.
Shot making ability.
Course management.
Mental & emotional intelligence.

Each semester includes:

A TPI assessment screening & Foresight GC2 launch monitor session.
A Private lesson using GC2 or K-VEST.
8 group lessons.

In the group lessons we will look at:

Golf swing mechanics: the mechanics of the golf swing using the modern technology to help the player understand why the golf ball flies like it does.
Golf fitness: the importance of golf specific fitness, looking at agility, co-ordination, balance, strength & power to help develop the athlete not just the golfer.
Tactical, development, strategy & course management: using GC2 simulation software, we will look at how one plays and thinks on the golf course and learn how to maximise scores and minimise mistakes.

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