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Aspire Golf Coaching

There isn't a person anywhere who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can. - Henry Ford
LDgolf Aspire Performance

Aspire Performance

LDgolf Aspire Junior Programme

Aspire Junior

As golfers, we all dream of playing that game with which we are unfamiliar . Be it holing the putt to win a major, breaking the course record or simply playing with confidence. Irrespective of level or ability we all aspire to become better than we are. In order to play ones best, a player requires a range of skills.

By developing each of these aspects we can move towards unlocking that player you strive to be.

LDgolf's aspire programme has been developed to allow golfers the opportunity to target each of these areas, allowing them access coaches in a range of fields pertinent to each aspect of the game. We have sought out some of the best in their fields to help you unleash the champion within.

For a golfer to achieve key skills are:

Physical conditioning.
Instruction & technical development.
Shot making ability.
Course management.
Mental & emotional intelligence.

Just as each player has his or her own inherent strengths, we at LDgolf recognise the importance of involving a team of individuals with their own specialisations to help ensure you as a player receive nothing but the highest quality of support. As part of the programme, we can give you access to a range of coaches and professionals including:
Fitness & conditioning specialists.
Specialist golf coaches.
Custom fitting technicians.
Medical professionals including physiotherapists and osteopaths.
The Aspire programme has two tracks, Aspire performance and Aspire Junior which you can learn more about by clicking on the relevant images above.